FMM Press-Ice Ribbon 1

FMM Press-Ice Ribbon 1
  • FMM Press-Ice Ribbon 1
  • FMM Press-Ice Ribbon 1
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FMM Press-Ice Ribbon 1

Create an impression with Press-Ice tools.
Press-Ice tools make decorative pattern marking quick and easy, so be creative.

How to use our range of Press-Ice tools:
- Polka dot and "Tiffany pearl" designs
- Delicately piped ribbons and borders
- Appliqued shapes and patterns
- Vitage floral prints
- Cross stitch grids, and more!

How to use Pres-Ice tools:

1. To create a clear impression, sugarpaste(roled fondant) must be soft.
2. To impress the sides of around or square cake, first decide which will be the back of your cake and start from there. For best results place your cake on a turntable and use one hand to brace the cake and the other hand to hold the Press-Ice tool.
3.Resting the bottom edge of the Press-Ice toolflat on the boards to acieve a perfectly horizontal pattern, use even pressure along the length of the tool to press the pins into the icing. Remove the tool cleanly without dragging.
4. Align the Press-Ice tool for the next section by inserting the first column of pins into the last row of holes, and press evenly. Continoue around the cake finishing off as neatly as possible at the back.
5. Pipe tiny royal icing pearls over each indentation, or use the precisely placed dots as abase for many other decorative designs. Create impressive symmetrical patterns with speed ans ease, by positioning cut-out flowers, polka dots or other decorative shapes over the tiny indentations. No more fiddly, time-consuming and maring out.

Wash before use.

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